Are the birds at your premises causing problems?

• Defacing your building or surrounds with droppings
• Nesting in your eaves or guttering
• Releasing bird mites into your building causing skin irritations and allergies
• Noise and scratching in your roof while you sleep

Did you also know that the bites from bird mites are almost ten times worse than a flea bite and can cause severe skin irritation and blotching? The most common bird problems in Australia are caused by Pigeons, Starlings, Indian Mynahs and Sparrows, nesting or roosting on building ledges and under the eaves of your roof.

Prevent birds setting up home in your roof:

  • Remove their food sources; secure bin lids and tie up rubbish bags
  • Keep any other possible food sources hidden
  • Block entry points with barriers, spikes, wire systems or netting

Correct identification of the birds at your premises is the key to implementing an effective eradication program for their removal. By using a Got A Bug expert you can rest assured that all of our bird control and eradication methods are legal and effective.