Do you have termites in your home or place of work?

• Creating nests underground or in walls or roofs
• Causing extensive damage to your building
• Damaging furniture
• Making your premises unsafe to live or work in

Termites, also commonly known as White Ants, are a major problem in Australia. They can produce in excess of two thousand eggs per day and can have major effects on structures and their surroundings. Annual termite damage is calculated to be five times of that caused by fire, flood and storms combined.

It is recommended that you have a Termite Inspection carried out on your property every 12 months.

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Whiteants found under floor coverings

Termite Detection

Got A Bug technicians know the termite’s habits and use the latest in technology to detect them effectively.

By using “Termatrac®” which is a breakthrough in the detection of termites, invented and developed in Australia using technology similar to radar. Termatrac® can detect termites through:

• Timber
• Plaster Board
• Brick or masonry

With no drilling, tapping, or prodding, there is no interference to the building material or termite activity.
(Termatrac® is a registered trademark of Termatrac Pty Ltd)

By using a licensed technician from Got A Bug you can rest assured that all of our Termite control and treatment methods are environmentally friendly and most of all, effective.


Active termites in an Adelaide residence

Termite Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports

Our comprehensive Termite Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports are detailed and accurate, we can detect any current traces of infestations in the proposed premises you are getting inspected, and have the knowledge and experience to detect any previous infestations that have cleared but left behind structural damage to the building or surrounding areas.


Wine barrel planters make an excellent home for whiteants