Thank you for choosing Gotabug Pest Control Specialists for your General Pest Treatment. 

Prior to our arrival, please ensure the following has been carried out:

• Please ensure you remain out of the treatment area until the chemical has dried (approx. 1-2

• Carry out general housekeeping, tidy out clutters, clear bench tops and floors as much as
you can to maximise the treatment areas. Clutters might prevent our technicians to apply
treatment in some sections of your premises and dirt might reduce the effectiveness of the

• Please ensure all pillows are covered or stored away from treatment area.

• All toothbrushes to be covered or stored away from treatment area.

• Ensure all windows and doors are closed prior to and during treatment and until the
chemical has dried. Approx. 1-2 hours. Please open curtains and roller shutters.

• All shedding and garage areas that you would like treated are unlocked and access is available for our technician.

• Ensure all pet bowls and pet bedding etc has been remove from external treatment area.

• If you are pet owners, please ensure that your pet is either safely isolated or away from the
treated areas until they are dry.

• Please advise our technicians if there are any areas of your home you would like to have
excluded from your treatment.

Click here to view or download the above information as a .pdf


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.